Company history

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Turbo Trade was established in 2011 as a limited liability company, and in December 2016 it was transformed into a joint-stock company. The purpose of the Company's activity was to conduct research on the application of artificial intelligence algorithms in stock market analysis.

The team of people working on new technologies added, among others IT engineers from UWM and Warsaw University of Technology. Until mid-2013, the team created an efficiently functioning network, and its first commercial application was the launch in 2015 of an intelligent mobile application recognizing text labels and processing the most important information contained in them.

During this time, the product was tested and refined, and as a result of its development, several other derivatives of products based on neural networks were created. In 2017, the company has a developed series of products prepared for the market implementation, as well as the developed Focus AI technology.

In 2018 a company Turbo Trade S.A. has launched a campaign in an online service The campaign concerned a Vision application – an intelligent voice assistant. The purpose of the campaign was testing a concept and sampling the market need on such type of product. The campaign was successful and the drawed conclusions became an important mainstay in further development of product.




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