We have been helping to create online stores for 12 years. We have created an intuitive e-Storage AI system that will allow you to manage sales, magazine and website in one place. Here are the most important functionalities:

  • Add content, news and photo galleries
  • Create attractive slides on your website
  • Search engine optimization / SEO
  • Warehouse connected with the states on the store
  • Full responsiveness (RWD)

It is possible to implement our applications according to individual needs, by:

  1. Creating additional modules according to the client's guidelines.
  2. Modification of existing solutions (functionality, naming, etc.).
  3. Adjusting print templates.
  4. Preparation of any reports according to the desired specification.
  5. Adaptation of the interface to the client's requirements (order, location and visibility of fields and tabs).
  6. Adding and modifying fields in the database.


Our Experts (court experts) value the company by showing the real value of the company during a skilful and complex process. The experience acquired over years of cooperation with companies from various industries will allow to highlight the most valuable elements of each company.


Any activity that deals with the production of products offered to customers later, no matter if it is a large company or a small production plant, must have the right tool for the entire process of the company.

We have designed a comprehensive system that will solve all problems related to different processes in the company forever, provide more control and bring order. The assistant will pay attention to every detail. It will enable faster order management, production using products from the warehouse, to the sale itself, ending with the shipment of the finished product to the buyer along with the invoice issued in the program. You will receive all this within one program.

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